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Justin Abdelkader Has Cap Hit Of $787,500

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The little cap space the Red Wings had left is now basically completely gone with the signing of Justin Abdelkader, as he will have a cap hit of $787,500 for each of the next two seasons.

This upcoming season, Abdelkader will earn $750,000. For the 2011-12 season, Abdelkader will get $825,000. The average of those two years' salaries is the aforementioned $787,500 cap hit.

With the current cap/roster situation, the Red Wings will definitely be moving at least a couple players before the season starts. They don't have to be cap compliant until closer to the regular season, but it is expected that at the very least Derek Meech and a forward will be moved. Training camp and the exhibition season will determine who makes the cut and who is sent packing.