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Tom Lewand Begins Suspension Today

Lions president Tom Lewand's 30-day suspension begins today. Lewand pleaded guilty to operating while visibly impaired last month after being arrested in June for a DUI. In addition to the suspension, he was fined $100,000 by the NFL.

Lewand's suspension prevents him from going to Lions games and the team's facility in Allen Park. Also, he won't be able to attend today's owners meeting in Atlanta on the Lions' behalf or represent the team in public unless it is at a community-service event.

While Lewand is away for the next month, Tom Lesnau will step in to take over his duties.

Senior vice president of finance Tom Lesnau will handle day-to-day business operations and attend the league meetings. General manager Martin Mayhew will continue to run the football side of things.

"We have a good team of people in place and every confidence that things will move smoothly in my absence," [Lewand] said. "And I have great confidence in the people that are part of our team."

Tom Kowalski speculates that Lewand's suspension could be reduced by "at least a week" because 30 days was excessive. If the suspension is not reduced, Lewand will be able to get back on the job days before the Lions' third game of the regular season.