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NFL Preseason, Browns At Lions: Louis Delmas Expected To Play

Lions safety Louis Delmas had an up and down training camp. Because of a groin injury, he was unable to consistently practice during camp, preventing him from seeing any action during the first two games of the preseason. As a result, many have grown more and more concerned over his status going forward because his injury seems to just not want to go away.

The good news for Delmas (and Lions fans) is that he had his best week of practice yet and should be in the starting lineup this afternoon against Cleveland. Delmas practiced on Monday and Tuesday, and although he sat out Wednesday to rest, he was back at it on Thursday. All of this means that Delmas should play today, according to Jim Schwartz.

Schwartz on Delmas playing Sat: "Yeah, unless something happens between now and then. But that's the way we planned his practice this week "

Delmas is a huge part of the Lions' defense, so him playing would be great news for the team.