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Louis Delmas Accidentally Runs Over Some Kids During Entrance

Louis Delmas was very excited to get back on the field yesterday for his first game of the preseason. After missing the first two games and many practices during training camp because of a groin injury, Delmas was understandably pumped up, especially since he was the final defensive player to be introduced.

The one problem with Delmas' excitement is that it caused a collision. Delmas tripped on his way out of the tunnel, and as he got up to run, three kids were in his path.

"I'm so used to having so much space and I came out and felt a little bump on my butt and I looked around and there are kids all over the ground. I felt bad,'' Delmas said.

Luckily, Delmas didn't wreak too much more havoc until he lined up against Cleveland, at which point he was back to his usual self, running all over the field and making plays in the rather brief amount of time he spent in the game. Also, his groin held up, and as it stands right now, Delmas looks to be in good shape as the preseason starts to wind down.

UPDATE: There is now video evidence of Delmas' collision. He never tripped; he just didn't look where he was going before turning and running. The video is after the jump.