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Video: Ndamukong Suh's Ridiculous Hit On Jake Delhomme

Ndamukong Suh shouldn't be surprised if a FedEx envelope from the NFL shows up in his locker this week. Why? Well, anytime the NFL fines a player that is how he is made aware of how big of a check he will have to write. For Suh, I would be surprised if he doesn't receive one of those envelopes after he nearly ripped Jake Delhomme's head off during Saturday's game against the Browns.



The play itself was quite funny to watch just because Suh tossed around Delhomme so forcefully, but as awesome as it was, the personal foul gave Cleveland a first down. Had Suh not committed the penalty, the Browns would have had fourth down. Instead their drive stayed alive and the Browns eventually scored a touchdown. Oh well, it is only the preseason.