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Jason Hanson Looks Strong In Pregame Warm-Ups

Jason Hanson tested out his surgically repaired knee on Saturday, before the Lions preseason game against the Cleveland Browns, by participating in warm-ups. According to Killer Kowalski, he looked strong:

He started by kicking 35-yarders from the standalone holder and then, working with longsnapper Don Muhlbach and holder Nick Harris, he extended his range.

Most of his field goals were right down the middle and had plenty of range. Several kicks from 48 yards split the uprights and had plenty of distance. 

He attempted two 53-yarders, hitting one down the middle and the other hugged the left upright (from the view in the press box it was impossible to tell if it was good or not). Hanson's only attempt from 55 yards came up just short.

Although he was kicking on turf, that doesn't sound like a bad showing for the 19-year veteran fresh off of knee surgery. Assuming everything goes well in his continued rehab, his leg should get stronger heading into the season. 

I will say, though, that I've been quite impressed, for the most part, with Steve Hauschka's kickoffs. Maybe it wouldn't be a terrible idea for the Lions to spell the two's duties, at least until Hanson is completely healthy.