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NFL Roster Cuts: Lions Trade Tyler Polumbus (UPDATED)

UPDATE: The Lions have actually traded Polumbus, not released him.

Continuing their roster cuts, the Lions parted ways with offensive tackle Tyler Polumbus this morning. The move puts the roster at 76 players, meaning one more move is necessary before the 4 p.m. deadline this afternoon.

Polumbus just joined the Lions last week after being picked up off waivers. He was with the Broncos previously, and both the Seahawks and Texans claimed him as well. The Lions ended up with Polumbus because of their priority on the waiver wire, but both Seattle and Houston will have another shot at him now that he is a free agent again.

22 more players will have to be released by 4 p.m. on Saturday as the final round of roster cuts takes place.