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Guillen To Start Rehab Assignment On Friday

It's looking like Carlos Guillen will be ready to be activated next week in due course. According to Tigers beat reporter Jason Beck, he'll begin a short rehab stint on Friday to prep: 

Carlos Guillen going on rehab after all. He'll report to Class A West Michigan on Friday to start assignment. #Tigers

Guillen was hoping to return to the Tigers without a rehab assignment. He has made a living on the DL over the past three seasons, so maybe it wouldn't have been such a terrible idea to let Guillen practice with the Tigers and then plug him straight into the lineup next week. Any time Guillen spends on the field playing at full speed is the next injury waiting to happen.

No word on who will get the demotion when Guillen returns, but Will Rhymes is the presumed odd man out. While Ryan Raburn and Don Kelly probably deserve red slips in their lockers, the Tigers continue to keep them around due to their ability to suck at more than one position. 

If it were me, I'd say so long to Raburn or Kelly, put Damon back in LF, Guillen at DH, and keep Rhymes around to play the two bag. But what do I know.