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Louis Delmas Debunks Rumor About Groin Injury Needing Surgery

Lions fans were sent into a bit of a panic this morning when Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk passed along a rumor that Louis Delmas' groin injury might be more severe than originally anticipated. Specifically, the rumor suggested that Delmas may need surgery on his injured groin, which would end his season before it even gets started.

Although this news was very concerning, Louis Delmas and Jim Schwartz both debunked the rumor after practice today.

Delmas admitted surgery has been discussed. "But it’s not a possibility right now. The best thing for me right now is taking time off and doing a lot of ice and (stimulation),’’ Delmas said.

Schwartz categorized the injury as a short-term thing, and according to Tom Kowalski, surgery was discussed when Delmas visited a specialist, but that was not recommended as a course of action.