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Report: Matthew Stafford Impressing Already

Damon Hack of writes that Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford is looking like a different player than the rookie who took the field last year.

Matthew Stafford looks ready to take a big step in his second year in the NFL. Last summer, as a rookie, he split training camp repetitions with Daunte Culpepper and rode the usual highs and lows of a first-year pro. This summer, he is an undisputed starter, comfortable in his role as team leader. (Shaun Hill is his backup).

“Matt’s in a completely different place this year,” Schwartz said. “Last year, he was splitting reps, our top three receivers weren’t practicing with him [due to injury], he was trying to earn a starting position, he was trying to learn the offense, he was going through his very first NFL training camp, and all of the things that go with that. Now, he’s been through it. We’ve cleared his plate. Now, he’s concentrating on football and not looking over his shoulder.”

Stafford and top receiver Calvin Johnson have been working long hours since March, running extra routes and occasionally spending time together away from the facility.

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