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Mike Modano's Contract Includes $500,000 In Potential Bonuses

Mike Modano is slated to receive a base salary of $1.25 million with the Red Wings next season. He could earn a maximum of $1.75 million, however, if he earns the $500,000 worth of bonuses included in the deal:

  • $150,000 for playing in 40 games
  • $100,000 for playing in 55 games
  • $125,000 for Round 1 playoff win
  • $125,000 for Round 2 playoff win

Although the bonuses would raise Modano's cap hit to $1.75 million, the Red Wings are obviously hoping that happens. They certainly didn't sign Modano to play in less than 55 games, and it would really be disappointing if they were unable to achieve the Round 2 playoff win bonus. With the way this roster is shaping up, depth is as good as it's been at forward in years, and the Wings appear to be ready to make another run at the Stanley Cup.