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Minnesota Wild Made 'Serious Effort' To Sign Mike Modano

With Mike Modano returning to Detroit to play for the Red Wings, he will get to play in the same area where his hockey career began. The Minnesota Wild were hoping that Modano would instead return to where his NHL career began, but despite their best efforts, Modano decided on Detroit.

But the Wild made a serious effort to bring Modano back to Minnesota for the end of his career. Wild officials had several conversations with Modano's agent, then Wild general manager Chuck Fletcher talked with Modano to gauge his interest in playing in St. Paul.

"But all along, Mike was going to make his own decision on where he wanted to go and what he wanted to do," Fletcher said this morning. "And right from the outset, I think Detroit was a great option for him, and I think he pursued that."

One of the things Modano stressed in Friday's press conference was the importance of playing for a winner and having fun. Although being able to return to Detroit undoubtedly had a lot to do with Modano's decision to sign with the Red Wings, the fact that they are gearing up for another run at the Stanley Cup also had a lot to do with it.

He made it clear that he would have retired if the only option on the table was a situation that would be mentally draining like the last few years in Dallas were. The Red Wings were no such situation, however, which is why Modano ultimately decided to come home to finish his NHL career.