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Ohio State To Again Wear Nike Pro Combat Jerseys Against Michigan

Just as they did last year, Ohio State is going to wear Nike Pro Combat uniforms against Michigan. Last year's uniforms were a tribute to the 1954 national championship team, and quite frankly they were quite ugly, which fits with the overall theme of Nike's Pro Combat series. A couple of the designs were cool, but the rest were just plain ugly.


It seems that is also the theme for this year's Pro Combat jerseys, as they all are quite ugly. Ohio State's is no exception, either.




At first glance, this uniform looks like Alabama's Pro Combat set, just with gray pants instead of white. The jersey itself isn't that bad considering it pays tribute to the 1942 team and has a military theme, but as a whole it just doesn't look good. The helmet especially is weird to me. Seeing OSU wear a white helmet with numbers a year ago was weird enough, but an all red helmet just seems out of place for the Buckeyes.