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Lions Get Undisclosed 2012 Draft Pick From Seahawks For Tyler Polumbus

The compensation hasn't been fully released, but the Lions will receive an undisclosed 2012 draft pick from the Seahawks in exchange for Tyler Polumbus, who was traded to Seattle on Tuesday.

Chances are that the draft pick is a seventh-rounder, but that's not bad at all considering Polumbus just joined the Lions a week ago. Detroit put in a claim for him on waivers, blocking Seattle and Houston from picking the offensive tackle up. As a result, the Lions added depth to the tackle position for a week before trading Polumbus for a future draft pick.

Martin Mayhew has become well known for his trading prowess since taking over as the Lions' GM, and a move like this shows exactly why. Mayhew took a guy off waivers and turned him into a draft pick in only a week. The best part about it is that Polumbus wasn't going to make the team, yet the Lions managed to get a draft pick for him anyways.