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Report: Michigan State Draws Indiana For Protected Crossover Game

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As news continues to pour in about the Big Ten's new divisions, Michigan State continues to emerge as a big winner in all of this. Why? Well, Mike Carmin of the Lafayette Journal and Courier is reporting that the Big Ten's protected crossover games will look like this:

Guaranteed cross-division matchups are PU-Iowa, Ill-NW, IU-MSU, OSU-Mich, PSU-Neb, and Wis-Minn

If true, Michigan State would draw arguably the easiest opponent as its protected game that is played every season. Obviously teams change from year to year, but Indiana has consistently been at the bottom of the Big Ten going back to 1993, and getting to play them every single year rather than, say, Ohio State, is a very nice situation to be in.

As for the other matchups, Michigan-OSU, PSU-Nebraska and Northwestern-Illinois were expected. The thinking for the other crossover games was that Iowa and Wisconsin would be matched up together, but instead the Hawkeyes will apparently get Purdue and the Badgers will get Minnesota.