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Michigan's 2011, 2012 Conference Schedules

Below are Michigan's conference schedules for 2011 and 2012.


10/1 - vs. Minnesota

10/8 - at Northwestern

10/15 - at Michigan State

10/22 - Open

10/29 - vs. Purdue

11/5 - at Iowa

11/12 - at Illinois

11/19 - vs. Nebraska

11/26 - vs. Ohio State

Off the schedule: Indiana, Penn State, Wisconsin


9/29 - Open

10/6 - at Purdue

10/13 - vs. Illinois

10/20 - vs. Michigan State

10/27 - at Nebraska

11/3 - at Minnesota

11/10 - vs. Northwestern

11/17 - vs. Iowa

11/24 - at Ohio State

Off the schedule: Indiana, Penn State, Wisconsin

My immediate reaction for 2011 was, "Wow, what a home schedule." As someone whose final season of Michigan football as a student will be in 2011, I am absolutely thrilled by the schedule. In addition to getting Notre Dame in a night game, Michigan closes out the season with Nebraska and Ohio State at home. That is obviously a tough couple of games to end the season on, but it's both scary and thrilling at the same time.

For 2012, Michigan once again will have a couple tough games to close out the year, as Iowa is the last one at Michigan Stadium and Ohio State on the road is the next week. The front end of the schedule is more manageable, although games against Michigan State and Nebraska (on the road) in back-to-back weeks won't be easy by any means.

While the thought of Ohio State being separated from Michigan was very disconcerting, I am thrilled with the way things worked out. If a rematch does happen where Michigan and OSU play in back-to-back weeks, then that will be both interesting and somewhat not-so-great at the same time. Then again, if that does happen I will just be glad Michigan won its division, and in other years, I will be happy with what looks to be an exciting slate of games.