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Rich Rodriguez On Tate Forcier: 'We'd Love To Have Him'

Michigan football coach Rich Rodriguez appeared Friday on The Dan Patrick Show to preview this weekend’s clash with Notre Dame. Rodriguez was asked about many things, of course, but some of his most pertinent comments regarded quarterback Tate Forcier.

The Detroit News’ Angelique Chengelis transcribed most of the interview. Here’s some of what Rodriguez had to say about Forcier’s status with the team:

“We hope he stays and competes. He had a great week of practice this week and we have Tate and (freshman quarterback) Devin Gardner that I think have elevated Denard’s game because there’s so much competition.

Rodriguez also said it didn’t bother him that Forcier seemed disappointed about not playing after the win over Connecticut.

[…] that doesn’t bother me if they’re disappointed, as long as they remain a team player and work as hard as they’re supposed to work. He’s done that. He had so much success early, and sometimes that spoils you and now he’s got to battle back. Tate will keep competing. As long as he does the right things, we’d love to have him.

You can read the rest of the transcript here. Rodriguez and Patrick also discussed Denard Robinson’s development, the progress of the Michigan football program, and the current state of college football coaching, among several other topics.

Of course, you can also listen to the interview yourself, courtesy of The Dan Patrick show home page.