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Announced Attendance For MSU-FAU At Ford Field: 36,124

Watching the Spartans play at Ford Field apparently wasn’t enough of a draw for Michigan State fans. For Saturday’s game versus Florida Atlantic, the announced attendance was 36,124.

But with sales of 25,000 tickets being announced a couple of days ago, it appears that the game did bring a decent walk-up crowd.

The announced crowd total was probably pretty accurate, according to the Lansing State Journal’s Joe Rexrode:

It was more than half full in there once the game got going, an announced crowd of 36,124. Not terribly impressive, but not bad considering how things looked a month ago. Schnellenberger said he was “frankly kind of pleased” with the turnout.

“I’m not worried about the ones that don’t come,” Dantonio said, “I appreciate the ones that do come, and that’s the way I’ll always be. So I want to thank them for coming, I thought it was a good environment.”

Capacity for Ford Field is listed at 65,000.