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Michigan Jumps Into AP, USA Today Top 25

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As expected, Michigan's 2-0 start and thrilling win over Notre Dame have vaulted the Wolverines into the rankings in both of the major polls this week.


In the AP Top 25, Michigan is ranked 20th, just behind Stanford. Last week, Michigan was 26th in the poll, so it's no surprise that the Wolverines have jumped all the way up to 20th in these rankings.


Michigan is ranked 22nd in the USA Today Coaches Poll, coming in just behind West Virginia, which narrowly escaped an upset bid against Marshall to stay ranked. Michigan was quite a ways down in the "Others Receiving Votes" category of this poll last week, so it's not surprising the Wolverines are a bit lower ranked than they are in the AP Top 25.


Looking at Michigan's upcoming schedule, they should be favored to win the next three games. They play UMass at home on Saturday, Bowling Green at home next week and then Indiana on the road on Oct. 2. Those are all winnable games for sure, meaning Michigan could be very highly ranked by the time it plays Michigan State next month. That is, of course, assuming the Wolverines take care of business these next few weeks.