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Matthew Stafford Won't Need Surgery, But Out Indefinitely

The Lions weren't exactly specific about the severity of Matthew Stafford's right shoulder, but the grain of good news is that it won't need surgery.

Here's what Jim Schwartz had to say about it (via Free Press): 

"Matt’s very sore today," Schwartz said. "We’ve had some good returns from his test that it doesn’t look like surgery is going to be needed, but how much time he misses is still going to be up in the air and we’ll probably know a little bit more on Wednesday."

Injuries in sports, in the NFL especially, are kept top-secret so opposing teams don't know what they'll have to deal with in the upcoming games (or that's how I've always interpreted it).

The most interesting quote comes from Matthew Stafford, who implies he may not have to miss any time at all: 

"I can’t really speak" on that report, Stafford said. "I don’t really know what I’m going to miss. I don’t know if any." 

Of course, that's the same tough guy speaking who went back into the Browns game with a separated shoulder. Schwartz says the Lions are going to be careful not to bring back their 2009 No. 1 draft pick too soon. According to Killer Kowalski, Stafford is unlikely to play Sunday against the Eagles and could miss a couple more weeks, at least.