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Time, TV Details Set For Michigan, Michigan State's Sept. 25 Games

The Big Ten has announced its TV schedule for Sept. 25. Neither Michigan nor Michigan State had previously announced what time their games would start or what TV station they could be found on, but the announcement has established those details.


Michigan's final non-conference game, against Bowling Green, will kickoff at noon and be broadcast on either ESPN or ESPN2. Originally this seemed like a game destined for the Big Ten Network, but with Michigan's hot start and an overall weak schedule for the Big Ten next week, ESPN has picked up the game.


Michigan State's game against Northern Colorado, also its final non-conference game, will be on the Big Ten Network at noon. This game was also destined for the BTN and that is where it will be shown on Sept. 25. Games involving FCS teams are always on the BTN, so it's not surprising the Northern Colorado game ended up there.