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Top Five: Most Ridiculous Denard Robinson Stats

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Denard Robinson has set the college football world on fire during the first two weeks of the season, and this week's Top Five takes a look at the most ridiculous stats he has compiled after two games.

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After two weeks of college football, there has not been a more impressive player than Denard Robinson. If the season were already over and the Heisman Trophy ceremony was this weekend, Robinson would take home the award without a doubt. He has been that good, re-breaking many of the records against Notre Dame that he originally set against UConn.

To say the very least, Robinson's first two starts of his career have been quite impressive, and they have produced some extremely ridiculous and interesting stats. This week's Top Five examines the most ridiculous of the bunch.

No. 5: Robinson is the first player ever to earn Walter Camp National Offensive Player of the Week honors in back-to-back weeks

Robinson won the award for the first week of the season after he lit up UConn for 186 yards passing and 197 yards rushing. At the time, that seemed like an unbelievable performance, but in reality that was nothing compared to what he did against Notre Dame. In South Bend this past weekend, Robinson passed for 244 yards and rushed for 258 yards, combining for 502 yards of offense. This earned him the Walter Camp National Offensive Player of the Week honors for the second straight week, which had never been done before. In fact, only three other players in the history of the award have even won it twice in the same season, so to win it in back-to-back weeks is even more impressive.

No. 4: Robinson has rewritten the record books a few times

Robinson set a couple records against UConn, but he broke them again one week later against Notre Dame. Just from the ND game alone, here are the records that need to be rewritten following his performance:

  • Single-game Michigan record for total yards (502)
  • Michigan and Big Ten record for rushing yards in a game by a quarterback (258)
  • Record for the longest touchdown run in Notre Dame Stadium history (87)

No. 3: Robinson could pass Michigan's leading rusher from a year ago this Saturday

Last season, Brandon Minor led Michigan in rushing with 502 yards. After only two weeks, Robinson has accumulated 455 rushing yards, meaning he is just 47 yards away from passing Minor's total from last year. Yes, Minor missed three games last season and got limited action in a couple others, but he was still Michigan's leading rusher, racking up the yardage on 96 carries. Robinson, in two games, has gotten close to Minor's total with only 57 carries. Assuming he continues to play like he did the first two weeks and doesn't get hurt, Robinson should pass Minor's total by halftime on Saturday at the latest.

No. 2: Robinson is on pace for 2,730 rushing yards and 2,580 passing yards

It's highly unlikely, perhaps even impossible for Robinson to keep playing every week like he has so far. Even so, it's quite amazing to look at Robinson's projected numbers based on the first two weeks of the season. He is currently on pace to rush for 2,730 yards and pass for 2,580 yards. While the schedule should be a bit easier in the coming weeks, Robinson's workload shouldn't need to be as high, so his stats may go down a bit. At the same time, the Big Ten schedule will be much tougher on Robinson, so his numbers likely will drop a bit then. Even so, if Robinson stays healthy, he should have a legitimate chance at rushing and passing for 2,000 yards, which has never been done before in major college football history.

No. 1: Robinson has outgained 87 FBS teams by himself after two weeks of action

Robinson has racked up 885 yards of offense in two games this season. That is better than what 87 FBS teams have done during the first two weeks of play. That's right. Robinson, by himself, has gained more yards than 87 teams. Michigan is ranked 14th in total yards as a team, and Robinson on an individual basis would come in at 34th. That really puts his great performances in perspective. It's impressive, yes, that he leads the nation in rushing and has pulled off all of these other amazing feats, but to outgain 87 teams is just tough to even comprehend.