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Lions Close To Sellout For Home Opener Against Eagles

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Blackouts have been very common for Lions home games over the last couple of seasons, and it's likely that they will be common again this season. For the home opener on Sunday, however, it looks like the Lions will reach a sellout and not have to deal with a blackout.

As of noon Wednesday, the team had just 3,000 tickets left unsold for Sunday's game against the Eagles at Ford Field, making it almost certain the game will be sold out by Thursday's 1 p.m. blackout deadline.

Even if the Lions are unable to sell the 3,000 remaining tickets by Thursday, they can get a 24-hour extension on the deadline. Anytime that happens a sellout is basically guaranteed, so I'd expect that to happen if the Lions don't reach a sellout by tomorrow. Either way, it appears as though the Lions' game on Sunday against the Eagles will be shown on TV locally.