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Michigan State Vs. Notre Dame: Larry Caper Says He Will Play

Michigan State running back Larry Caper missed the first two games of the season with a hand injury. He could have played had he been needed, but with the Spartans taking on a couple of easy opponents in Western Michigan and FAU, there was no point to rush Caper back. That was a good idea, as Caper got a chance to rest up and Edwin Baker and Le'Veon Bell got a chance to show off their talent, doing a great job of filling in at running back.

With the Spartans taking on Notre Dame this Saturday in a huge primetime matchup, Caper is set on playing, according to Lisa Byington.

Larry Caper says he will play Saturday. But doesn't know what his role will be. Hurt his rt hand "stiff arming" in practice wks ago.

Between Caper, Baker and Bell, Michigan State has a very solid stable of running backs, and they will be very important on Saturday against Notre Dame. Many expect the game to be a shootout, so being able to establish the run will be a key thing early on for the Spartans.