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Denard Robinson: Heisman Talk, Erin Andrews Interview, More

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It has been quite the couple of weeks for Denard Robinson. Going into the season, Robinson was well known really only on a local level. Sure, many had heard the story behind his "Shoelace" nickname and saw his few touchdowns from last season, but that was about it. Even here in Ann Arbor, the talk surrounding Robinson was mainly only about how he improved as a passer over the offseason and how he was ready to take over as Michigan's starter. While hopes were high for Robinson, nobody could have imagined that he would light the college football world on fire and rack up nearly 900 yards of offense against UConn and Notre Dame.

As unbelievable as it is, here we are. We are entering the third week of the college football season and no player has garnered as much attention as Robinson. Nearly every day on SportsCenter this week there was a segment dedicated to Robinson and his Heisman chances, there have been thousands of articles about his great performances and the fact that he doesn't tie his shoes and Ann Arbor has been crawling with media who made the trip just to cover Robinson.

Since there has been so much about Robinson this week, I decided it was best to just combine everything into one single post rather than a separate one for each individual thing, as I don't want to have to rename Motown Lowdown to the Denard Robinson Blog. As a result, after the jump you can find a rundown of all the interesting Denard Robinson stories I gathered this week.