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UMass Player Calls Michigan Stadium 'Little House On The Prairie'

On the eve of UMass' game against the Michigan Wolverines, the Minutemen got a chance to check out Michigan Stadium. Many of the players on the team had their cameras out and appeared to be in awe as they took in the Big House, the largest stadium they will ever play a football game in. One player, however, wasn't all that impressed. Not only did he take a dig at the Big House, but he made a confident prediction about tomorrow's game (video at the end of the post).

"We're about to shock the world," said Bailey.

"We talk junk, we look pretty and we hit hard," said Bailey. "That's the motive for today and tomorrow. Get this victory."

Bailey saved his best zinger for the stadium itself, the 110,000-seater that's the biggest football stadium in the country, and one if the most iconic.

"It's actually not that big either. This should not be The Big House, this should be the Little House on the Prairie."

I don't have a problem with what Ke'Mon Bailey said, as you expect a football player to be confident no matter what the situation is. That said, it's probably not the best idea in the world to be making statements about shocking the world and how Michigan Stadium should be called the "Little House on the Prairie" the day before the game.

You can bet that Michigan coaches will make all of the players aware of Bailey's comments before Saturday's game, giving them an added motivation to blow UMass out of the stadium. Sometimes it can be tough to get up for games like this against so-called "cupcakes," but if Michigan was lacking any motivation, I think Bailey just gave them a big reason to be prepared to do battle just as if Notre Dame was the opposing team. That's not to say Michigan wasn't already prepared, but I think Bailey gave all of the Wolverines an added incentive to light up the scoreboard on Saturday.