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Omaha Steaks Names Ndamukong Suh As Spokesman

When Ndamukong Suh isn't on the field making chopped liver of opposing quarterbacks, he'll be a spokesperson for meat off it. Last week, Suh was named a spokesperson for Omaha Steaks, the official sponsor of tailgating: 


In his new role as a spokesman for Omaha Steaks' tailgating initiatives, Suh will offer tips and advice on perfecting the art of tailgating.

↵"As the official sponsor of tailgating, we felt Ndamukong Suh was the perfect addition to our team," said Senior Vice President and family owner Todd Simon. "While Suh is recognized as a powerhouse on the football field, Omaha Steaks rules the tailgate turf and we both share an unparalleled commitment to excellence, making our partnership the perfect pairing."

Aside, maybe, from the Armando Galarraga Rahmani Eye Institute commercial, I can't think of a more fitting endorsement deal. Suh is a massive man, one you'd think loves to have himself a slab of steak or four for every meal and he went to college in Nebraska where the Omaha Steaks company is based. It's. Perfect. If the Suh steak commercials are anything like his Dick's Sporting Goods commercial, they'll be high entertainment, as well.