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Lions' Matthew Stafford Throwing ... Left-Handed

We already knew Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford was out for Sunday’s game versus the Eagles.

But the local media couldn’t resist having a little fun with the fans, while watching pre-game warm-ups. Stafford was actually on the field, making throws. But it wasn’t quite what you think.

Tom Kowalski:

Matthew Stafford is on the field throwing …. with his left hand … five-yard passes … he’s not playing, folks …

Larry Lage:

Stafford has tossed passes – with his left hand – leaving banged-up right shoulder at his side b4 #Lions #Eagles game

Hey, if Stafford’s out for long enough and gets enough reps in, who knows? Maybe Detroit will have the NFL’s first ambidextrous quarterback. Sure, you separated one of his shoulders, Julius Peppers, but did you get the other one? Because Stafford has two!

Okay, maybe not. Carry on with your own pre-game warm-ups.