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Michigan State AD Hollis: Dantonio Won't Coach Northern Colorado Game

Mark Dantonio will not coach Michigan State for their next game versus Northern Colorado. MSU athletic director Mark Hollis made that announcement during a press conference Sunday afternoon.

“His return to football activities will be determined later. He will not be on the sidelines for the Northern Colorado game. But he is our head coach and will remain our head coach throughout this whole process.”

Offensive coordinator Don Treadwell will take over head coaching duties while Dantonio is recovering from his heart attack. Naturally, he was asked how he’d handle those responsibilities, given his lack of head coaching experience. His response?

“One thing Coach Dantonio has taught us as a staff member is that when a lot of things are going on, etc., the best medicine is to focus on what you can control, and to take a deep breath and just kind of take it one step at a time.

“One of the neat things about our staff is that we have been with Coach Dantonio the full four years here, three years previous. So the system is in place of what he wants and how he has done it. We’re very knowledgeable of that. Those things will continue to be up and running.”

You can watch the complete press conference at