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Former Spartan Jay Vincent Expected To Plea Bargain For Scamming Online Jobseekers

Earlier we noted that former Michigan State Spartan basketball player Jay Vincent was indicted for his role in an online scam that bilked jobseekers out of millions of dollars.

Today, the Associated Press reports that Vincent is expected to negotiate a plea bargain in response to the charges.

Court filings show a plea bargain is in the works for ex-Michigan State basketball star and retired NBA player Jay Vincent, who appeared in court Tuesday on charges in a $2 million Internet scam.

Vincent was silent in U.S. District Court in Grand Rapids as a not-guilty plea to fraud and tax charges was entered on his behalf. But a judge also set a Sept. 28 hearing for him to change that plea.

Defense lawyer Charles Ford said there could be a guilty plea if it is in his “client’s best interest.”