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Rich Rodriguez, Brian Kelly Release Statements Wishing Mark Dantonio Well

Although both Rich Rodriguez and Brian Kelly coach for rival schools of Michigan State, they are members of the college football coaching fraternity just like Mark Dantonio. While all three coaches clash when they are on opposite sidelines, they are friendly in real life, which is why both Rodriguez and Kelly released statements on the news that Dantonio suffered a heart attack, wishing the MSU head coach well as he recovers.

Rich Rodriguez:

"The Michigan football program sends our thoughts and prayers to Coach Dantonio and his family. We hope for a full and speedy recovery."

Brian Kelly:

"On behalf of the Notre Dame family we are in thoughts and prayers for Coach Dantonio and wish him a speedy recovery. Look forward to seeing him back on the sidelines," Kelly said. "We didn't get in until about quarter of four this morning. I went home right away. When I came back in the office Brian Hardin, our sports information director, gave me the news."

Northwestern head coach Pat Fitzgerald and Penn State's Jay Paterno also wished Dantonio well and expressed their hope for a speedy recovery.