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Talk Radio Host Jokes God Gave Mark Dantonio Heart Attack

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Oh, talk radio. Your hosts can be so funny. Like Matt Patrick of 95.3 MNC, "Michiana's News Channel." For one of his video commentaries, he joked that God gave Michigan State coach Mark Dantonio a heart attack for beating Notre Dame last Saturday, and cheating while doing it. 

Actually, here's exactly what Patrick said, via Deadspin:

The moral of the story? You mess around with the Fighting Irish, you cheat on the last play of the game — overtime — and beat the Irish? God’s gonna get you. Keep that in mind."

Don't believe me? Here's the clip:

That is just hilarious. Apparently, Patrick's never heard the term "serious as a heart attack." 

Never mind that Dantonio and his Spartans didn't "cheat." What, did they keep the play clock from running to ":00"? Did they steal the referees' whistles?

Should the Big East officiating crew that didn't call delay of game (rightly so, according to their conference bosses) now worry about some sort of divine retribution, too? In The World According to Matt Patrick, those guys have some great vengeance and furious anger in store for them. 

Oh, it was all in good fun, of course. Patrick later said he was kidding. Well, sort of. See, that's his sense of humor and he's sorry if you were offended.

Yeah, it's just like a relationship when you said something stupid to the woman you're trying to impress! You know what he's saying, right folks? HA! Where's the morning zoo horn and kazoo when you need it? WACKY.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, there's not an e-mail address available for you to tell Patrick how you feel about his sense of humor. But his radio station has a few other contact options, if you'd like to share your thoughts. The station also has Twitter and Facebook pages to voice any response you might have. 

You stay classy, Matt Patrick.

(via Press Coverage)