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Jahvid Best May Have Sprained Ligaments In Big Toe

With Matthew Stafford already out because of a shoulder injury, the last thing the Lions need is Jahvid Best to be sidelined. Unfortunately, he was out most of the second half on Sunday because of an injury, and he thinks it may be sprained ligaments in his big toe, which is apparently unrelated to the toe injury he had last week.

We won't know what exactly is wrong with Best until he is examined further, but based on his description of the injury, it sounds like a turf toe.

Turf Toe is a sprain of the metatarsophalangeal (MTP) joint of the first toe. That is, the joint of the toe to the foot is sprained. The injury usually results from a hyperflexion mechanism; the toe is bent to far upward. This can result from a hard push off on a rigid surface, having the toe forcibly flexed while being tackled, or by stopping short allowing the toe to jam in the toe box of the shoe. These mechanisms cause damage to the ligaments of the joint and the joint capsule.

A turf toe injury has three degrees of severeness, so Best could not miss any time because of the injury or he could need surgery and be done for the year. That is a very wide open range, but the key for the Lions is that the injury is not a third degree sprain, which is the most severe and could require surgery. A first degree sprain is the best-case scenario, as Best wouldn't necessarily need to miss any time.

The most-likely scenario seems to be a second degree sprain based on the fact that Best couldn't put pressure on the foot with the injured toe following the game. A second degree sprain would keep Best out until he can run and make cuts without any pain. Obviously an exact timetable is unknown, and right now this is all just speculation anyway, as nothing has been officially announced by the Lions.

The Lions already are facing a tough game next Sunday at Green Bay, but having to play the Packers without Stafford or Best would just be no fun whatsoever. Let's hope this week provides good news for both as far as injuries are concerned.