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Report: 2 Michigan State Basketball Players Accused Of Sexual Assault

Michigan Messenger, a website published by The American Independent News Network, has obtained documents that detail an alleged sexual assault committed by two "high profile Michigan State University basketball players." The MSU Police Department sent the report to Ingham County Prosecutor Stuart Dunnings III and recommended that the two players, whose names were not made public, be charged with Criminal Sexual Conduct 1, but no charges were filed and the case was not pursued.

The incident took place late on the night of Aug. 29 and early in the morning of Aug. 30. After an orientation meeting at Wonders Hall, the alleged victim "had several drinks" and later introduced herself to the two accused players after running into them in the dorm's lobby. She then went to the players' room, where the alleged incident began.

According to the alleged victim, she and the two players started shooting on a mini basketball hoop in the room. Upon missing a shot, she was told to remove a piece of clothing and complied. The two players then missed shots on purpose to get "completely naked." Soon after, this allegedly happened:

"[The victim] explained to [detectives] that the body language of [the players] suggested she was not free to leave," the report says. "[Redacted] was blocking any escape path to the exit of the dorm room. [The victim] stated that after [redacted] approached the door he turned the lights in the room off and the room went completely dark. At this point, the sexual assault began."

The victim told police the players penetrated her in various positions. The victim told detectives the players allegedly asked her "how does that feel?" and "how do you want it?" The victim says she told the players she didn’t want it and gave "other indicators she was not a willing participant."

When the MSU police department executed a search warrant a day later, one of the accused players cooperated with detectives and confirmed "much" of what the alleged victim had to say about what happened.

During his interview with detectives, the one player who volunteered a statement corroborated much of the victim’s statement, the report shows. He told investigators that when it was clear from the victim’s statements that she did not want to have sex, he stopped. However, the other player continued "despite her reluctance and statements that she did not want to continue." The victim confirms that player’s account.

The accused player who spoke to detectives about what happened also said that he and the other player, who declined to give a statement about the alleged incident, should apologize to the woman because they had "disrespected" her.

The case was reviewed by multiple people and according to Dunnings, the decision to not pursue charges was made partly because the alleged victim didn't think charges should be filed.

"After reviewing everything with the young lady, this was a mutual decision," Dunnings said in a phone interview Monday. "She [the victim] fully understood and agreed, is what Ms. Bouck [Ingham County Prosecutor assigned to review sex crimes] related to me."

The alleged victim, who spoke to Michigan Messenger, disagreed with the notion that she didn't want charges filed.

"I worry about what would happen if it didn’t go through and having to deal with all the publicity and everything that goes with pursuing charges," she said. "But also I am angry. It’s just that everybody looks at them as heroes and they’re so excited for basketball season that [the players] get off without anybody caring. They haven’t even been punished."

The alleged victim went on to say that she just wanted some justice, "because right now there's none."