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Chris Allen Shoots Down Rumors Surrounding MSU Departure

When Chris Allen was kicked off the Michigan State basketball team, an exact reason for his departure was never made public. As is to be expected, there was lots of speculation about what led to his departure, but some of the "out there" type of rumors have been denied by Allen.

He said the most disturbing allegation was that he had impregnated the girlfriend of Durrell Summers, his former roommate and teammate.

“He doesn’t even have a girlfriend,” Allen said. “If you don’t believe me you can call Durrell Summers or anyone else on the team. They’ll be the first to tell you, ’Chris is my guy.’ I never tried to go after anyone’s girlfriend. But you know how some reporters are. They’re trying to start their own website or something, so they make stuff up.”

Allen apparently was kicked off the team for tardiness and academic-related issues, although no specific incident or incidents have been reported on as of right now.