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Max Scherzer, Ryan Raburn Are En Fuego

The month of August was not all that great for the Tigers as a whole, but it went extremely well for Max Scherzer and Ryan Raburn, who were named the team's players of the month.


Scherzer went 3-1 during the month of August and had an ERA of 1.29. In his last 14 starts, Scherzer has an ERA of 1.60, leading Gerald Laird to call him "the best pitcher in the American League right now." Some may disagree with that claim, especially with someone like CC Sabathia out there just absolutely dominating opponents, but he's definitely up near the top of the list.


Raburn had eight home runs and 21 runs batted in during the month of August. His batting average was .308, and Raburn hasn't cooled off yet despite dealing with a rotator cuff injury. On Thursday night, for example, Raburn pinch hit for the Tigers and ended up going three for four with two runs batted in.


While the Tigers have been very inconsistent over the last month, Scherzer and Raburn have been two players the team has been able to count on.