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TV Schedules Released For Red Wings, Pistons

FOX Sports Detroit put together its TV schedule for the NHL and NBA seasons, meaning the schedules of the Red Wings and Pistons are now complete.


For the Red Wings, FS Detroit will broadcast up to 75 games in the regular season and three in the preseason. 59 of the games will be shown on FS Detroit. The other 19 will be moved to FS Detroit Plus for when there are scheduling conflicts where the Wings don't have priority.


The Pistons will have 80 games in the regular season broadcast by FS Detroit. 60 of them will be on FS Detroit and 20 will be on FS Detroit Plus. Two of the Pistons' preseason games will also be broadcast, including the first game of the preseason for the Miami Heat.


This upcoming season will set an all-time high for Pistons games broadcast by FS Detroit, which is mainly because the team has so few national games this year.