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Forcier's Father: '150 Percent Fact' Son Is Staying

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Stop the presses already? There was bound to be back-and-forth with the question of whether or not Tate Forcier will transfer from Michigan. But shortly after Mike Rothstein ran his column at, the AP’s Larry Lage posted this on his Twitter feed:

Talked to Tate Forcier’s dad, who said it is a “150-percent fact” that his son is staying at Michigan

That’s about 180 degrees from “I’m out," wouldn't you say?

So chalk this up to the reckless emotion of youth? And maybe Forcier’s father will calm him down and think this out rationally? Or was that Forcier’s version of “Seacrest Out”?

Stay tuned. This could get interesting.

UPDATE: Lage filed a story for AP in which he wrote, "Michael Forcier says his son was simply frustrated."