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Tate Forcier: 'All You Need To Know Is I'm Out'

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Anyone who thought Tate Forcier was a virtual lock to transfer to another school after not playing in Michigan's 30-10 win over Connecticut on Saturday may have had those beliefs confirmed by the quarterback himself after the game. 

When approached by's Mike Rothstein in the immediate aftermath, Forcier said the following:

"All you need to know is I'm out."

You could wonder what exactly Forcier means by that. Maybe the embattled sophomore simply meant he was done for the day and out of the stadium.

But really, what are the chances of that?

Forcier's career at Michigan seemed all but decided in the third quarter. Denard Robinson took a hard shot to his hop and had to come off the field. But rather than bring in someone with experience to keep the ship steady, the Michigan coaching staff opted to put in true freshman Devin Gardner.

And though he was only in for a couple of plays, that meant Gardner wouldn't be redshirting. Which means the coaches intend to play him. Which means they don't intend to play Forcier. If we know that, don't you think he does, too?