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Michigan Vs. Notre Dame: Updating The Wolverines' Injuries

Michigan received some injury scares during Saturday's opener against UConn, but it appears that only two of those injuries will have an effect on the Wolverines going forward.

The most serious injury from Saturday's game involves Carvin Johnson, who started at spur for Michigan. Johnson sprained his MCL and is "very doubtful" for the Notre Dame game. Roy Roundtree is doubtful for the ND game as well because of the hard hit he took against UConn, which has led to internal bruising.

Junior Hemingway, who missed Saturday's game with a hamstring injury, should be in the lineup for Michigan in South Bend. That is good news for the Wolverines, as he is one of Michigan's better downfield threats. Plus if Roundtree is out, Michigan needs to get Hemingway back.

Jared Van Slyke, a backup safety and holder, is out for the season. His injury forced true freshman slot receiver Drew Dileo to be the holder, and the unpreparedness was evident, as Michigan missed an extra point due to a botched hold. Hopefully with a full week to practice holding the ball, any issues with field goals will be ironed out.

The last injury update involves Fitzgerald Toussaint. He was out Saturday and appears to be questionable for the Notre Dame game. Even if he is able to play, it remains to be seen if he actually will get into the game, as Michigan played only two running backs against UConn.

Denard Robinson, David Molk and Jonas Mouton all left the UConn game because of injuries but quickly returned. Whatever issues they had against UConn don't appear to be anything serious, as there were no updates on them during today's press conference.