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Matthew Stafford Among 4 Lions Named Captain

The Lions named their four captains for the 2010 season on Monday.


On offense, there are two captains this year. One of them is Matthew Stafford, which should come as no surprise. Stafford has become a leader very quickly in his young NFL career and not only has complete control of the offense, but the team as a whole. The fact that he is now a captain was a move most expected.


The other offensive captain is Dominic Raiola, who is best known for being a very vocal player, which is likely one of the main reasons why he will be wearing a "C" patch this season. The same goes for fellow Nebraska Cornhusker Kyle Vanden Bosch, who will serve as the Lions' defensive captain. All training camp we heard about how great KVB's leadership was, so like Stafford, this move was expected.


The fourth captain is Jason Hanson, who represents special teams. He has been a captain for the Lions for some time now, and once again he will wear the "C" for the special teams unit.