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Tigers Believe Carlos Guillen's Season Is Done

Injury after injury, Tigers second baseman Carlos Guillen's season is now all but officially over. According to Tom Gage of the Detroit News, the Tigers believe Guillen's season is done.

Guillen was re-injured when Brett Gardner aggressively slid into second base, attempting to break up a double play that Guillen successfully turned (and brilliantly so). Guillen went on the DL on August 17 with a deep knee bruise and hasn't resumed any baseball activities since. 

Jason Beck says Guillen will see the doctor on Thursday and would have to be cleared to start baseball activities immediately to have any shot of returning this year. The Tigers trainer doesn't see it happening.

This will mark the fourth time in Guillen's seven seasons with the Tigers that he's failed to reach 120 games played and second straight season of playing half or less games due to injuries. Unfortunately, Guillen is on the books for $13 million next season, so we'll do this all over again in 2011 or the Tigers will decide to eat a $10+ million contract for the third season in a row.