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Michigan State-North Carolina Aircraft Carrier Game All But Official

Ever since Michigan State put a red, white and blue decal reading "11.11.11" on its basketball court last November, speculation has been running rampant that the Spartans will take on North Carolina on an aircraft carrier on Nov. 11, 2011. There have been rumors about this game for years, and this decal only added fuel to the fire, especially with MSU athletic director Mark Hollis dropping hints about the game on Twitter every now and then.

Nothing has been announced just yet because the details are still being finalized, but the aircraft carrier game between MSU and UNC appears to be all but official. As if the 11.11.11 decal wasn't proof enough, North Carolina head coach Roy Williams said earlier this week on his radio show that the game will be played out in San Diego on Veterans Day this year.

A spokesman for North Carolina said that nothing is set in stone just yet because the contract hasn't been worked out. Even so, he made it clear that UNC thinks the game will happen, and considering MSU has had a decal presumably relating to the game on its court for months now, I'd say it's a pretty good bet to take place.

I would imagine the teams have agreed to play the game, but right now the holdup with finalizing the contract stems from the logistics with playing the game on an aircraft carrier. This would be an unprecedented event, so I'm sure there are a number of details to work out before making things official.