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Quiet Week Leaves Red Wings Wanting To Play

Forgive the Detroit Red Wings for wanting to just play already. The team has started the season with a perfect 4-0-0 record, but they have not played since Oct. 15 and do not play again until Oct. 21 against the Columbus Blue Jackets.

As a result, Red Wings players and even coach Mike Babcock are going a bit stir crazy, as the Detroit Free Press reports:

Coach Mike Babcock said he was going to forgo his usual post-practice run (it was raining pretty hard) and instead "go eat too much." That's what happens to a team that last played Saturday at Minnesota and doesn't play again until Friday at home against Columbus.

"Is it unbelievable or what?" Babcock said. "My God, it's painful. Painful for the players and painful for me. They're probably sick of me, and I don't like watching them practice, either.

Detroit gets back on the ice Oct. 21, when they face the winless Blue Jackets, who are on the opposite side of the spectrum in pretty much every conceivable way.