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Tigers' GM Dave Dombrowski An Excellent Candidate To Be Baseball's Next Commissioner

Lynn Henning of the Detroit News seems to think so:

Bud Selig's reign as baseball commissioner is scheduled to end a year from now, and there is a growing expectation that Dave Dombrowski, the Tigers president, CEO, and general manager, could become a contender for baseball's most prized job. [...]

Dombrowski, though, has a 33-year background in baseball that includes GM jobs in both leagues. He also possesses a CEO aura — "a regal style," says Jim Bowden, formerly a general manager with the Reds and Nationals — that with his broad executive experience, could assist in making him a serious contender.

I could see it, and Dave Dombrowski spoke as if he's thought about it at least some (of course, before saying he's 'never' thought about it) Emphasis is mine:

"It's not one of those things I spend much time thinking about," Dombrowski said Friday, when asked if he might be interested in the commissioner's job. "I'm in a situation where I'm very happy where I am and with what I do, and I'm pleased with all of that.

"I have never really thought about it," Dombrowski said of his potential candidacy. "When I've been in any job I've had, I haven't thought about other jobs. That's just how I work."

I could be reading too much into the quotes, but It reads as if Dombrowski might have an inclination that he'll be a candidate and he's given it some thought already, and why not? He would be a great candidate and it's the ultimate job in baseball operations.

ESPN's Tim Kurkjan agrees that Dombrowski would make an excellent candidate:

"He is really smart, he has been around for a long time, he has done virtually every job in baseball, meaning he knows how the game works from the inside, and he also knows how the game works on the field, not only because of having assembled teams, but because he's done the contracts and has worked with owners as well as with players. "I'm not sure there's a more qualified guy to run the game than him."

"The thing I think is crucial is that when you talk with other GMs about the (July) trade deadline, to a man, they say Dave Dombrowski is a deal-maker. And I think that goes way beyond making a trade."

"He knows how to get people together to reach an agreement. And in the commissioner's office, logically, you have to bring sides together and get something accomplished in one form or another. His ability as a deal-maker is a skill you would want in a commissioner."

Other names listed in Henning's article are Mets GM Sandy Alderson, former Orioles president of baseball ops Andy McPhail, and Selig's executive vice president of baseball ops Joe Torre.