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Jason Fox Injury Update: Knee Surgery Pending

Jason Fox has not yet played this season, as he was hampered by a broken foot all year long. He was placed on injured reserve earlier today, and it was believed to be that foot injury that caused the decision. Instead, it turns out that Fox had a separate knee injury and will have surgery soon according to MLive:

Fox injured his left knee in college, but sustained an injury to the right knee this week. He expects to have surgery, but said it has not been scheduled yet.

"It happened over time, but it was something that happened yesterday that was kind of the last straw," Fox said. "As a team, we felt it was best to get it taken care of right now."

Fox's injury depletes an offensive line that was already somewhat shorthanded. Fox will not requite full reconstructive surgery, but it is unknown what the exact nature of the injury is.