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Fantasy Football Waiver Wire Week 10: Lions Return With Solid Fantasy Plays

The Detroit Lions come back from the bye this week with several solid options on the fantasy football waiver wire. SB Nation's Fantasy blog Fake Teams cites Nate Burleson and Maurice Morris as possible strong plays going forward as the Lions move toward the playoffs:

89 Maurice Morris He's still the man for the foreseeable future
167 Nate Burleson He's not sexy, but he's in a good offense

Of course, Calvin Johnson was the highest rated Lion as we head into the second half of the season. Johnson is rated as the fifth best fantasy player in the NFL and is called a first round pick for the next five seasons as long as he stays healthy. Johnson is the highest rated wide receiver and sits only behind Aaron Rodgers and three other running backs.

Fake Teams does not recommend any Lions as sleeper picks for waiver wire pickups this late in the season.