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Western Michigan's Jordan White Named Consensus All-American

Western Michigan wide receiver Jordan White has had an excellent season. He leads the nation in almost every receiving category, and that is starting to lead to some serious postseason recognition. Yesterday he was named a Third Team All-American by the Associated press, and that was enough for him to become only the eighth player in MAC history to earn consensus All-America honors:

He leads the nation in receiving yards, yards per game, receptions, receptions per game, and is 2nd in TDs. The only reason he wont earn unanimous status (FWAA passed on him) is probably because he plays in the MAC (and Ryan Broyles, but don't even get me started on him).

White is the first player in Western Michigan history to be named a consensus All-American. Of the eight All-Americans in MAC history, three of them received their honor when the school was not a part of the conference.