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Pistons Vs. Pacers: Detroit Outrebounded In Dismal 2011 Season Opener

The Detroit Pistons came into Monday night's season opener against the Indiana Pacers with the hopes and dreams that accompany any team without a win or a loss at the beginning of a new season. After a 91-79 loss to the Pacers in which the Pistons looked lifeless, that hope may be gone.

Detroit Bad Boys' autopsy brings the sadness:

At 1:05 in the second quarter, the Pacers went up by 12 on a Danny Granger three-pointer and never led by less than that the rest of the way. The Pistons made the score look somewhat respectable with an 18-6 run in the final seven minutes of the game.

Additionally, the Pistons were outrebounded 53-40 by the Pacers, and their rebounding leaders, Greg Monroe, Austin Daye, and Ben Wallace, who captured seven caroms, had their own issues: Monroe was in foul trouble throughout and played just 22 minutes, while Daye failed to score in his 14 minutes, and Wallace contributed just two points in his typical fashion.

Clearly, Detroit has some work to do before its home opener on Wednesday against Cleveland.

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