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NCAA Bracket Update 2011: Scores From Friday's Games

Friday's set of games in the 2011 NCAA men's basketball tournament weren't quite as exciting as Thursday's, nor were the upsets as shocking. There were some excellent games, however. Just look at Michigan's stunning 30-point win over Tennessee or George Mason beating Villanova with Gus Johnson going crazy. Arizona and Memphis also had a pretty exciting finish with a last-second block to preserve the Wildcats' victory.

A full look at the scores from Friday is below.

No. 4 Texas def. No. 13 Oakland, 85-81

No. 8 Michigan def. No. 9 Tennessee, 75-45

No. 2 Notre Dame def. No. 15 Akron, 69-56

No. 8 George Mason def. No. 9 Villanova, 61-57

No. 5 Arizona def. No. 12 Memphis, 77-75

No. 1 Duke def. No. 16 Hampton, 87-45

No. 10 Florida State def. No. 7 Texas A&M, 57-50

No. 1 Ohio State def. No. 16 Texas-San Antonio, 75-46

No. 1 Kansas def. No. 16 Boston U, 72-53

No. 2 North Carolina def. No. 15 Long Island, 102-87

No. 3 Purdue def. No. 14 St. Peter's, 65-43

No. 11 Marquette def. No. 6 Xavier, 66-55

No. 9 Illinois def. No. 8 UNLV, 73-62

No. 11 VCU def. No. 6 Georgetown, 74-56

No. 7 Washington def. No. 10 Georgia, 68-65

No. 3 Syracuse def. No. 14 Indiana State, 77-60

If you are in need of a printable NCAA bracket to keep track of the tournament, make sure to download SB Nation's March Madness Bracket.